Activity of the month: Video Mapping


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On some occasions some customer has asked us what is video mapping
and how can we use it for an event? Explaining video mapping with words
It’s like trying to describe a painting, it’s better to see it. But, making an effort,
we can describe video mapping as a method of projection on irregular surfaces,
such as building facades, ceilings, walls or domes or wherever you imagine it!

Images are projected so that motion or 3D effects are generated,
and you get to convey a really incredible visual experience
With video mapping you can achieve impressive audiovisual and artistic effects,
out of the ordinary and still little used in the event industry.
Each surface is unique, therefore the audiovisual experience also becomes exclusive,
A video mapping projection is usually accompanied by sound, so the whole experience
becomes something truly enveloping for all our senses.

Video mapping allows you to project videos on something as big as a 5-floors hotel facade
to something as small as a vase, both outdoors or indoors
The the videos you want to project, are made with different animation techniques,
some are 3D and others are 2D, and the content can be exactly what your company requires for that particular event, can be both abstract or as real as you wish.

It is a perfect tool for a product launch, it can be used to dress the corporate scenery
during presentations & speeches in a congress or convention, it can be also used
to project useful information on the tables during a Gala dinner or as a decorative element

In Events in the South we have extensive experience in Video mapping, so we can advise
to have a personalized projection in your next event

Estadio Santiago Bernabéu

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