Activity of the month: Virtual Reality Experience


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It´s just 20 cm wide and weights only 300 grs, yet inside a VR headset
there is a world´s worth of experiences. Literally.
Wearing it you can visit the Great Pyramid of Giza, watch a Rolling Stones concert
from the front row or explore the Great Barrier Reef
And because you can actively explore the three-dimensional, 360 degrees around you,
you´ll feel like you´re actually physically there.

Allthough it´s still in its nascent stages, VR has tremendous potential
in the meetings industry; it is a truly unique activity to ensure
that your event meets your aims and objectives
and that your guests/delegates have a memorable Experience

We can make any virtual reality team-building activity something more
that a fun game, we make sure that learning of Communication, Problem solving
and Leadership really happens through challenging your team
in a way that traditional activities cannot do; for example:

– Turn your event into Virtual Reality: we record the event with 360º cameras,
we edit the content and generate a video .mp4 viewable in Virtual Reality
with any device, to upload to Youtube, etc.

– Virtual reality at your door: we create in any space of your chosen hotel
or meeting room an area of immersive experiences of Virtual Reality,
only a clear space is needed of up to 20 m2.
With a large library of existing experiences, games and applications,
content is tailored to the theme of your company or event.

Virtual reality is here with Events in the South, and its potential
for meetings and events is enormous
The next step… virtual site inspections, why not??

Estadio Santiago Bernabéu