Activity of the month: Charity Bike Build


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Events in the South brings unique team building activities to help businesses improve corporate social responsability. Challenging teams to build a better Community globally

Wondering what to do at your next conference in Spain or Portugal?
Charity Bike Build is a unique and challenging team building activity. It is aimed at companies who use experiential team activities to engage with their employees, and who want to create a positive difference in the local Community at the event destination. It is suitable for anyone and any size team

Charity Bike Build provides an outstanding opportunity to bring your people together to deliver a single aim of supporting charity and local community projects and programmes
With a high level of engagement Charity Bike Build is a team challenge that provides a role for the whole team. Have you got specific goals? Or do you want to just have fun together? This activity incorporates key elements to deliver team performance including, understanding roles, trust, setting objectives, committing to the plan and implementation leading to higher levels of performance

Events in the South offers a number of team challenges that support charities, as well as engaging your team, promote health and wellbeing, experiential learning and development, CSR and sustainability
A UK survey found that 87% of European employees feel greater loyalty to socially engaged employers. While a further recent report by the City of London, found that corporate volunteering in education offers significant financial benefits for businesses

Charity Bike Build enables organisations to reach out to the local Community at the event destination whilst engaging with employees. Our clients have succesfully used this activity to communicate values, educate and have great fun together.

Team Traits? Communication, Problem Solving, Creativity, Invention, Time Management, Knowledge-Sharing, Leadership, Trust, Commitment

We know how important it is for you to engage with your audience when organising a Corporate event, and our aim is to keep coming up with great ideas for your events in Spain
Events in the South has a great portfolio of activities that are truly inspiring and create value for you, your team and the local Community in Spain and Portugal.

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